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b17 Professional

Vitamin B17 Pro950 20:1 50% Amygdalin

475mg Amygdalin + 475mg Hunza Apricot Extract

Vitamin B17 Pro950 is B17 (The Nick Name For Amygdalin) Purified 20:1 and has a 50% / 50% combination of Pure 99.99% Amygdalin and Pure Organic Hunza Apricot Kernel / Seed Extract with it's natural 4% Amygdalin (B17) content.

B17 Pro950 is 100% Pure/Organic B17 derived from Raw Hunza Bitter Apricot Kernels (seeds), with 0% fillers, 0% Preservatives, or 0% Additives, extracted at a purity of 20:1 supplying you with 50% Amygdalin per Vegetarian Capsule.

Each Capsule has a Total Amygdalin Value of 475mgs+19mgs From The 50% Hunza Extract Totaling 494mg's of B17 Per Capsule.

Each Jar contains 100 x 950mg Vegetarian Capsules
Serving Size is no more than 3 Capsules per day, unless otherwise noted or prescribed by your health care professional.