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Medella 1

Organic Humic Acid Powder concentrated at 64:1

Medella 1 is the exact same as Medella 2 - human grade 99% Pure Humic Acid, concentrated at 64:1, however Medella 1 is in powder form. For those who prefer not to take capsules and make a liquid drink of Medella then Medella 1 is for you ! Simply add the contents of each Medella 1 bottle to 1-2 Gallons of water, wait 15 minutes and it will be ready. That simple ! Medella 1 is simply a liquid version while Medella 2 is a capsule version. For more information of Medella 1 and Humic Acid please read the Medella 2 description above.

Humic Acid vs Cancers

Medella 2 Pro - Organic Human Grade Humic Acid concentrated in capsule form

Cancer is second leading cause of death in the US, humic extracts arrest cancer growth according to medical studies

According to the National Cancer Institute, about 1,228,600 new cancer cases were expected to be diagnosed in the year 2000. Since 1990, approximately 11 million new cancer cases have been diagnosed.

In the year 2000 about 564,800 Americans were expected to die of cancer, more than 1,500 people a day. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the U.S., exceeded only by heart disease.

Patients with cancer causing tumors of the esophagus had 100% success rate in preventing tumor progression into the cancerous state when treated for two years with a humic extract solution.

Yuan, Shenyuan; Fulvic Acid, 4 1988; in Application of Fulvic acid and its derivatives in the fields of agriculture and medicine; First Edition: June 1993

One of every four deaths in the U.S. is from cancer. Since 1990, there have been approximately 5 million cancer deaths. Overall annual costs for cancer run $107 billion per year.

Breakthrough cancer research studies supported by the National Institute of Health clearly indicate that oxygen-containing molecules known as oxidants or free-radicals, play an important role in causing cancer, and that antioxidants or free-radical scavengers help suppress cancer.

In a surprising new development, the study shows that cancerous cells themselves are causing an overproduction of free-radicals. This alone can account for cancer’s typical runaway cell growth.

Cancer cells have now been shown to produce oxidants that act as messenger molecules and send signals through protein pathways, bombarding surrounding cells uncontrollably with damaging free-radicals.

The study shows that certain super antioxidants work to obstruct the signaling protein pathways, neutralizing the spread of cancer and can potentially prevent it in the first place. Unique protein inhibiting antioxidants block the necessary signals that normally allow adjacent cells to become cancerous. Studies point to antioxidants as new anti-cancer treatment and prevention strategies.

Humic extracts are nature’s most powerful antioxidants. Pharmacological studies throughout the world have shown that various mechanisms within the humic molecular structure make it both a donor and acceptor free radical scavenger and antioxidant. Also noted are powerful superoxide dismutases (SODs) and metalloenymes of every conceivable kind.

While all humic extracts do not always destroy cancer cells, they generally halt their growth and spread. Sometimes tumors disappear almost immediately and spontaneously. Humic extracts are certainly cancer preventative, and it is certain that the higher the quality of humic extract, the better the ability to reverse and completely cure cancers.

Outpatient medical hospital studies on thyroid tumors, some cancerous, showed that injections with a special humic extract was 90% successful in stopping tumor growth and diminishing size of tumors, with 80% of patients having complete cures.

He, Shenyi, et al; Humic acid in Jiangxi Province, 1 (1982)
It has been found that naturally-occurring humic acid preparations can stimulate the production of cytokines, including interferon-gamma, interferon-alpha, interferon-beta, and tumor necrosis factor-alpha. What this means is that a valid mechanism has been discovered, proven, and documented, whereby humic extracts are able to work with the body to selectively seek out and destroy cancer cells.

*Humic extracts are the most effective natural treatment against viruses of all kinds. Comprehensive studies show that humic extracts are effective against common cold and flu viruses, including respiratory tract viruses, retroviruses, influenza viruses, herpes simplex viruses, just to name a few. **Take with Inhibitor, Sicarius, Monolaurin, and Colloidal Silver Pro for fastest results.

When Using Medella 2 against Viruses, Medella 2 should be taken with Inhibitor Pro, Monolaurin Pro, Sicarius Pro, and Colloidal Silver for the Fastest and Most Incredible results. You can find all these great products together in the Viral Pro Packs "1" 1 Month Supply or Viral Pack "2" 2 Month Supply.

Humic acid's power vs Viruses and Cancers and more...

medella 2 is pure concentrated organic humic acid

Humic Acid is one of the most effective natural substances against Viruses and Cancers. Humic Acid has properties that make it a very strong anti-viral agent that protects the human body against viruses and diseases and will treat the body when infected with viruses, deadly viruses, and cancers.

Viruses that commonly attack human bodies can do so because they are extremely small and very difficult to detect and destroy by the human Immune System. When a Virus invades a human body it's only recourse is to fight-back by producing antibodies to attempt to destroy the invader. However the cleverness of a virus can hide or run away from our Immune System allowing it to survive as well as protecting itself with a protein "shield".

Humic acid can now be efficiently used as a new weapon against these viruses. Each Humic Acid molecule is like a soldier ready to fight the invaders. Viruses shield themselves in protein casings (lipid fat coatings), forming an impenetrable barrier that human antibodies cannot enter. So if our Immune System cannot enter the cell, it cannot attack and kill the virus. Now Monolaurin and Bht destroy these coatings however Humic Acid acts as a Viral Fusion Inhibitor.

Humic Acid Particles are extremely small just like a virus and they are able to detect them very quickly. Then the Humic Acid molecule encases the virus (surrounds and traps it), so that it is now incapable of attacking new cells. So now the Virus is trapped. Then Humic Acid alerts the bodies Immune System so the body has time to round up it's forces to get ready and attack the invader. Meanwhile the virus is trapped and cannot get "un-trapped". The Human body has to switch on and off it's system so it can maximize it's potential against a real attack however sometimes it gets confused or slowed down with viruses and sometimes it even sends in the wrong attackers that are no match for viruses, in this case humic acid actually regulates the human immune system so that only certain virus attackers turn on and then respond to the virus invader.

The Goal of any Virus is to reproduce and it has to use the human cells as a way to do this. When a Virus cannot reproduce it then has to die. So Monolaurin and Bht "eat" the lipid coatings so it cannot produce and allows "the immune system and or medicines or supplements" to now attack, such as Garlic 100:1, Hypericin, Oleuropein, Prunella Vulgaris and Humic Acid basically traps the virus and then alerts the Immune System to get over there and kill it.

So the general idea when having a Virus or Cancer is to engulf the body with as much Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, etc agents so that the body can attack and protect itself in the quickest time possible.

Humic Acid has been highly effective against HIV, Aids, Herpes, Cancers, Tumors, Flus/Colds, Epstein-Barr, Hepatitis, Influenza and many more ailments according to many research papers, universities, medical institutes, hospitals, etc.

According to the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, the epidemic currently infects over 33.4 million people worldwide. An estimated 14 million people have died since the epidemic began.

An extensive number of studies show that Humic extracts effectively and safely kill the HIV/Aids virus.

Note : The Following information is for educational purposes only and general knowledge and Medella Professional has not been approved by the FDA as well as Humic Acid against diseases. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. The use of Medella or Humic Acid should be advised from your healthcare practitioner to see if a humic acid product is right for you as well as specific dosages. Do not substitute information on this site from professional medical advice.

Medella 2 - Organic Humic Acid

pure Food Grade humic acid capsules

Cleopatra's Health Inc Introduces Medella 2 Professional. Medella 2 Professional is a highly concentrated Organic Human Grade (food grade) Humic Acid supplement at a strength of 64:1 with a high 99% purity in capsule form.

Per jar Medella 2 supplies a customer with much more Medella than the traditional 2oz or 4oz bottles. Each bottle contains 170,000mg or 170grams of the 99% Pure Organic Human Grade Humic Acid Professional compared to a 4oz bottle of Medella 1 which would contain 113.396 grams. For those who do not appreciate capsules...Medella 1 would most likely suit you.  Each bottle of Medella 2 will last a user 1 month if taking full recommended dose. Each jar contains 200 - 850mg capsules. Medella 2 contains no inert ingredients, fillers, preservatives, additives, gmo, or chemicals.

Medella 2

organic Human Grade Humic acid Capsules

Medella 2 - The world's first Organic, Highly Concentrated, Pure Human Grade (food grade), Humic Acid Capsules. Each Bottle contains 200 850mg Food Grade Organic Humic Acid Capsules at a strength of 64:1.