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Sicarius Professional 800mg

100% Organic Potent Ingredients

Sicarius Professional is made of 100% oganic ingredients and are all cold processed keeping the strength and power of each ingredient in tact. Sicarius Professional gives it's users 800mg per capsule (not per daily dose). Daily dose is generally guided towards 2400mg for faster results (1 cap 3x per day). Sicarius Professional gives you the most Potent Anti-Microbal agents now known on the market today. For Full benefits in the fastest amount of time be sure to take Sicarius Professional with Medella Pro, Monolaurin, and depending on the ailment Graviola, and Interfector may contribute strongly.
The Value of Sicarius is amazing for the price. Other competitors charge up to $75.00-$100.00 per ingredient in Cleopatra's Sicarius Professional. Such as Garlic 100:1 alone retails anywhere between $45-$100.00 per bottle of 250mg and only giving you 60capsules. Sicarius contains the same amount of mg and gives you 120capsules per jar + 3 other ingredients equaling 800mg for a 1/4 of the cost!

Sicarius Ingredient 4 - prunella Vulgaris 5:1

Prunella Vulgaris 5:1 5 X more potent

4) Prunella Vulgaris 5:1 - is a Chinese Herb mostly used in Asia. It is know as "Self Heal" in western medicine. Prunella Vularis has a wide array of biological effects exhibiting numerous therapeutic potentials. It's Anti-Microbial effects including Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial are presently, receiving increasing attention. Small amounts in test studies of Purenella Vulgaris in trials reduced Herpes Simplex 1 and 2 down by 50%. Results have not been shown to date weather taking Prunella Vulgaris as a supplement or in higher doses would reduce that number greater.

Many HIV and Aids patients taking Inhibitors for there disease frequently have to stop due to the side effects. Prunella Vulgaris acts as an Inhibitor as well with little to no known side effects at all.

More exciting information will be posted on Prunella Vulgaris 5:1 on it's independent information page.

What makes Prunella Vulgaris in Sicarius so different from the rest. Again the extract is taken by Cold Process so the potential of the item during Cold Process stays the same instead of Heat which lessons the effectiveness of most products sold today. Sicarius's Prunella Vulagaris is also 5x (five times) more powerful than any other leading brand.

Sicarius Ingredient 3 - hypericin 0.6%

Hypericin 0.6% Double The Strength

3) Hypericin 0.6% - Hypericin has to been know to be highly Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial. In Vitro hypericin has been shown to posses ant-viral activity against retroviruses such as HIV, Herpes Simplex 1&2, Influenza, Anemia, etc...just to name a few. Hypericin has been the talk of the new age of alternative healing and is generally mixed with products such as Monolaurin and/or Interfector to get it's full benefits.
Hypericin is also a potent Kinase C Inhibitor. Most PKC inhibitors are currently used as Cancer Chemotherapy Agents. Hypericin has also been known to inactivate E-Coli and dilutions of 1:400 and 1:200, as well as been known to battle Staphylococcus in vitro and vivo studies.
So why is Sicarius's Hypericin so great? First it is Organic, Processed using Cold processing, and it Double the strength of any Hypericin product being sold today! Every supplement in the world that contains Hypericin has up to 0.3% and Sicarius's Hypericin has double at a High 0.6%. Need we say more!

Sicarius Ingredient 2 -oleuropein 40% (olive Leaf)

Olive Leaf Extact 40% - Oleuropein 40%

2) Oleuropein 40% - Yet Another Highly Potent natural chemical found in the Olive Leaf.
Yes, Many people love the Olive Leaf and have had many supplements with little to no success, others have had success. But why did those people have no success when buying a expensive bottle of Olive Leaf Capsules. The first reason is that most Olive Leaf Capsule's contain around 10% Oleuropein in them! More expensive bottles such as the one's around $35.00 to $55.00 contain anywhere from 15% to 18% and even 20% which has been so far the highest and most potent form of Oleuropein sold today.
Until Now!
Sicarius Professional contains 40% Oleuropein which is the highest in the world in for a common supplement without a prescription. Sicarius Double's the amount of Oleuropein which is Double the strength on the best Olive leaf capsule you can find today on the market regardless of there prices.
And as we all know...The Olive leaf is very highly Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Yeast, etc, etc, etc... However many Olive Leaf capsules bought in supplements today also contain Fillers, or Additives, or were Extracted by heat which ruins the Olive's Leaf's potential (power), others advertise the 20% Oleuropein content however only give you let's say 5% of the 20% Oleuropein and 95% of the 10% Oleuropein. It's get's tricky and complicated sometimes so a consumer must know what they are paying for!
Sicarius's Oleuropein contains only 100% of the 40% Oleuropein which was extracted using cold process as well as from Organic Olive Leafs and Not Processed through various chemicals.

The Sicarius and The Inhibitor are the world's most powerful Antiviral, Antibacterial, Anti Fungal, Anti Yeast, Anti Parasitic, and Anti Microbial supplements available today ! Let them enter the cells easily when taken with Medella 2.

Sicarius Ingredient 1 - Garlic 100:1

Garlic 100:1 100 X More Potent

1) Garlic 100:1 - First let us recognize that Garlic has been used as a medicine 3000 years before Christ. Garlic has been known to be one of the most highly effective weapons battling many disease's and ailments. Garlic is full of natural chemicals such as alliin, alliinase, allicin, sallylcysteine, diallyl sulfide, and ally-methly trisulfide. Dr. Tariq Abdullah M.D has wrote "Garlic has the broadest spectrum of any antimicrobial substance that we know of- it's antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antiprotozoan, and antiviral".
***Garlic has been known to be so potent against disease that at just 1.5mg per ml of extract would start killing cells. 1/10 of this dose is lethal to the influenza virus, 1/100 of this dose kills the Herpes Simplex Virus. The component allicin in Garlic will kill bacteria at concentrations as low as 1 part allicin in 125,000 parts of water.
Now more information will be available on Garlic's 100:1 Web Page, however for now lets talk about Sicarius's Garlic 100:1 and why ours is so different from consuming Raw Garlic or other Supplements.....
The average Healthy Person who knows of Garlic's Potential eats approx 1-3cloves of Garlic per day either in food or extracting it's "juice" through cooking and these people receive great health benefits in many cases from this amount.
Sicarius's Garlic 100:1 - Just taking 1 Capsule would be equivalent to consuming 1 Entire Bulb of Garlic (12cloves) per capsule (dose). Not including the 3 other ingredients in Sicarius Professional. So we can now assume if taking 1 Capsule of Sicarius 3x per day - A person would then consume the equivalent of 3 whole Garlic Bulbs which is 36 Cloves per day.....WoW!!!

The Sicarius Professional

Anti Microbial, Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial, Anti Parasitic Supplment

Sicarius is a Product containing 4 Very Powerful and Potent ingredients that have been known to be highly Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fugal, Anti-Yeast as well as Anti Parasitic. What does this mean to you? It simply means that Sicarius Professional is Anti-Disease : Cancers, Viruses, Bacterial Disease's, Parsites, etc -
Sicarius loves to attack. Unlike Monolaurin that disintegrates lipid envelopes mainly, Sicarius attacks Directly. Especially when used with Monolaurin Professional or Interfector Professional which "Eat" the lipid coatings of various diseases causing them to be unable to duplicate as well as having no "shield", Sicarius can then quickly remove and destroy these remaining pathogens at ease.
Sicarius Ingredients have also been known to highly motivate and "UP" the Immune Stystem in doing it's proper job.
Now let's go over the ingredients in brief and for more information you can refer to there independent web pages by clicking on the sub tabs of the Sicarius Main Tab above in the Navigation section of this website.